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Tessa Netting is a 15 year old actress(as of September 1st, 2012.). She portrayed one of the Ballet Girls, Susan Parks. Although most ballet girls are under the age of 13, but Tessa Netting's height of 5"1 allowed her to be in the show.

Personal Life[]

Tessa has a YouTube channel, where she has over 14,000 subscribers and 1 million video views. Her username is tessaROXX. She makes fangirly videos in her free time and oftem makes references to the fandoms she belongs to.

Netting loves Harry Potter, Starkid, and Doctor Who.


Netting's acting experiences include the following:

Fred: The Show- Eloise

Watch What Happens: Live- Theresa Guidice Impersonator

Finding Billy- Doc. Guest

And many more.

Social Media[]

Tessa loves to talk to her fans and friends with Twitter, Facebook, etc. instagramers often get extremely excited when Netting comments or likes their posts on social networks.

Instagram- @tessanetting

Facebook- Tessa Netting

Twitters: @tessanetting, and if you want her to respond to your tweet, write her on ner seperate account, @tessaROXX.

Etsy- Tessaroxx

Pinterest- Tessa Netting